Jurgen Klopp say If there is a chance he will not let him slip away

Jurgen Klopp admits that one of the biggest mistakes in life is The story that decided not to pull the Sadio Mane together at Borussia Dortmund Summer 2014, many teams across Europe have expressed their wish to Red Bull Salzburg that they want to come to join the team.

Jurgen Klopp

Spartak Moscow was the first team that agreed to pay for Salzburg but Mane refused to go back. For the reason The ultimate dream is to play in the best league.

 At the same time, Jurgen Klopp Dortmund is another team that is interested in Mane.

  Klopp has been impressed with Mane’s pace for some time since the 2012 Olympic Games. He has watched Mane playing in the Austrian league and He has watched Mane playing in the Austrian league.

Dortmund and Salzburg meet and talk, but ultimately Klopp himself decides to cancel this deal. For the reason that Dortmund had a limitation of only one player in this position Therefore, the person entering must be the person who has come in and can use it immediately.

“At that time we met We have a conversation But in the end, I didn’t feel like doing that. (Wants to hold hands, make a purchase agreement)

 “I don’t know why I didn’t pull him to work together since before. I like him. At that time, it was more about feeling than with Dortmund. We were able to buy Players in this position can only join one team, not 2 or 3 people, so our goal is to be the one that matches the team at that time. “

Soon after, Klopp realized that he had made a mistake with Dortmund starting the season very badly. Before it was his last season of work here

  Then the things that Klopp’s heart has always been, if there is an opportunity not to let Mane Definitely slip away

  In the end, Manne moved to Southampton with a value of 11.8 million pounds.

However, deep in the past, Manne originally hoped to work with Klopp at Dortmund, which he admitted not wanting to go. How much is UFABET ?

For two years with Southampton, Mané created a profile for himself. The goal is to play. He set the record for the fastest hat-trick in 2 minutes, 56 seconds in the game, winning Aston Villa 6-1.

  Many big teams, including Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester City and Liverpool have come to play. The most memorable match was the game in which he scored three goals at Manchester City. PaSouthampton 4-2 win on 1 May 2016

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