Lyon collapsed half a dozen Angers led the Ligue.

“De Pai-Dembelle” helped to add two different tablets, bringing Lyon collapsed to an elegant form, opening a half-dozen Angers attack, collecting 6-0, scoring three points, leading the crowd. In the French Ligue football match on Friday 16 August.

Lyon collapsed

Lyon collapsed in half dozen

French Ligue Cup match Friday night, August 16, the past, Lyon has the opportunity to return to the first match of the season.

After showing the best form of the league opening game, Monaco held a huge front-line match with Memphis de Pai – Musa Dembele is the protagonist waiting for Angers to start the losing season. Can get back to score There is a hope forward Rashid Ali Uai.

Beginning the first half to the 11th minute, the home team successfully brought Tiago Mendes to cut the ball from the missed passage of the Angers players. Before touching, let Usoem Ahar raise a pendant from the center of the field to the front of the penalty area. Then placed the foot shining far away, diagonally darting the ball into the net, leading Lyon 1-0

Later, at the 36th minute, Musa Dembele took the ball from the flow through the middle of the week. Before being hit by a ball full of sharp feet The direction of the ball, away from the defense, away from Lyon, leaving 2-0.


     Before halftime, the local team ufabet168 still maintained Usoem Auer, receiving the ball from the team’s defensive players. Before dragging the ball up from the center of the field The flow of the side allowed Memphis de Pai to run to the left of the penalty area. Touching the ball one stroke before throwing the ball under the opponent’s leg. Tung the net to finish 45 minutes. Lyon left Aung 3-0.

Touching the ball one stroke before throwing the ball under the opponent’s leg. Tung the net to finish 45 minutes. Lyon left Aung 3-0.

The second half started with only three minutes. Uzzem Auerar, the new team’s ascendant Show off the skill, downplay the ball, cross the game, get Angers to Memphis de Pai, runners, away defenders, use the right foot to shoot without water. The local leader was far 4-0 in the 48th minute.

OL went ahead as it was before. Memphis de Pai paid the ball in front of the team, hoping for the team to come to pick up the ball, but the away team’s defensive line was not good. Go before dragging the pendant into the box on the left side of the penalty area Lapping the ball even though Angers Trying to ward off but not out the ball into the goal

Lucas Tuzar opened the ball long from the center of the field to Memphis de Pai. Running away, the visiting team fell into the penalty area using the ball shield. Before tricking Angers Then hit the penalty area in the middle of the penalty area, giving Jean Lucas the reserve to hit the ball into the half-dozen defenders in the 72nd minute before the end of the Olympic game.

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