Chances of winning the lottery

Chances of winning the lottery Some 25 years ago, a friend of mine won a fight with his cancer by expecting it so strongly that also I was shocked and surprised. Of course, he has been taking equal practical actions that leave open-mouthed lethargic people. For me, it was a lesson for the rest of my life. This could be considered for lotto system too. Do not let old frustrations block your path to win the lottery.

Chances of winning the lottery

Imagine you winning the lottery by thinking in a different way than you thought until now. This means to see your future right now. All you need is to positively think and believe that you are able to learn how lotto works. Such expectations usually build up and enrich motivation to put side by side, a bit of effort combined with a learned skill.

But I have even more long-standing evidences from past years, that winning the lottery depends, not just seeking information and knowledge about lotto function, but your expectations. Expecting generates motivation to sound and perform actions. It is this motivation that brings you to play lotto in a better way.

And a lot of people think lotto ought to be played for money only, and that the lottery is only a form of gambling and not a game of luck. They do not believe that by doing an improving act, they can acquire some advantage. But I believe that lotto game is a game of luck, just as any other game of luck.

Lotto is a rich source of money. Regardless of any opinions you might think, it is really a good and healthy thought to expect to win the lottery. For the last 30 years I worked as a consultant to companies that develop software to help people to make predictions about the future. Once I have learned how to predict the future, I have become an expert and I have won lot of money, mostly using my predictions.

Chances of winning the lottery

It is factual that playing lotto is generally a winning situation. People who think that lotto is a game of luck, lose regularly, and continue to lose, because they continue to believe that lotto is a game of luck. If you think that you are able to win the lottery by cheating, you are wrong.

Stefan Vandevelde and I have developed a special concept that helps you to predict the winning lotto numbers from previous draws. We have applied it to the biggest lotto system in the world – the lotto system in France. Basically, we develop a method that, in principle, guarantees that you can predict the winning numbers with around 97 per cent accuracy. This method is not anchored in any specific lotto system and in any specific drawing date. It is effective for any lotto system and works in any country you choose. This is how we predict the winning numbers:

We use the concept to argue that lotto is not a game of luck, but a game of chance. We use the same concept to argue that the lottery is not random, but rather sticking to a consistent principle of functionality. Now you can discover the winning strategy and receive the idea that lotto really is random, because we believe that lotto works by chance and not by design. We also believe that this method will help you to win the lotto because you will be guided step by step and you will know what to do. We also believe that since you are focused on us, the final confrontation will be with your subconscious mind.

Chances of winning the lottery

If you decide to play the lottery without any strategy, you will be throwing your money into the same pit you have been swimming in for years. The strategy you need to use is just to keep asking yourself this question and keeping your feet on the ground. If you believe that you can win the lottery by chance, then something inside you is standing up and ready to fight for you. Light your fire and fight for your freedom and against those thoughts that tell you “the system has to be random”.

Each time you see a combination of six numbers on the lotto machine you will find there two separated balls. It is what we call a sequence. As long as you have a clear mind and a clear intention you canume that these balls have not been drawn in random order. They have been drawn in a certain way that they should to be drawn. If you can discover this secret, you will have a greater chance to win the lottery.

The combination of six numbers is not drawn again until the live draw. Then the numbers will be divided again into two parts. There will be a greater probability that a ball with different number will be drawn again.

So you see that in 30-40 draws you can see two clear balls, not one, and at least once in 30-40 draws there should be more than one, maybe more than one, unique number. Chances of winning the lottery

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