Are you aware of the various lottery games such as the Scratch Offs and the typically five-dollar ones? If you are aware, you might be dumbfounded on how to pick winning scratch offs and win money. However, unlike other games of chance, there is a surefire way to increase your chances of winning and it is through playing the scratch off lottery games. The following are some scratch off lottery ticket tips which you might find useful in playing and in winning.

Scratch Offs

-Know the appropriate lottery game to play. Although there are lotteries in every state, there are two scratch off lotto games in most states: $1 million scratch off and the $500,000 scratch off. Although there are slight variations in the mechanics of each game, the rules are basically the same as the main game. In either game, to win the jackpot, you should find a combination of three similar symbols. If you fail to obtain such a combination, the probability of winning the prize is greatly reduced. Aside of this, aside of the $1 million scratch off, the $500,000 scratch off has more chances of winning since it can only pick three similar symbols out of six.

-Choose your cards carefully. The odds of picking the winning scratch off ticket is around 1:300,000, which is not a very good odds when you think that you have to spend almost $10 on this game. However, you can still increase your odds of winning and improve your spending efficiency if you carefully choose your cards. You can select the tickets with very minimal chances of winning and spending as little as 50 cents on each ticket. Of course, you would not be allowed to purchase more than one ticket per day, so you need to promise yourself to promise yourself to increase your odds of winning thus increasing your chances of spending less.

-Make sure that you know the right kind of scratch off ticket to purchase. As indicated by the previous item, you need to choose the ticket with the least number of symbols. The reason behind choosing this ticket is that it increases your odds of winning the game. The other thing about this ticket is that it gives you a greater probability of winning the second or third prize.

Scratch Offs

-Avoid using family birthdays. The reason why this happens is that the first prize in scratch off lotteries is often a higher prize than the second or third prize. So, individuals tend to choose the ticket with the most number of winning combinations with the least number of symbols. That is why the birth dates for individuals would be very widely used. If a person’s birthday is on the 31st or than 22nd day, he or she would always choose a ticket that is fullest in multiples of these two numbers.

-Some people tend to choose the same numbers that they think will win. There have been many cases when individuals change their winning numbers because they thought they did not win the previous draw. Instead of winning once again, they end up purchasing another scratch off ticket. Obviously, they end up losing once again. So, if you think that the previous winning numbers are not going to be drawn again, you would not be able to win much.

Scratch Offs

-Weigh the odds. Before you purchase scratch off tickets, you must remember that the odds of winning are in the lottery company’s favor. However, there are individuals who are aware of this and win thousands of dollars every week. One of the ways to increase the odds of winning is to choose the least priced scratch off tickets. Not all scratch off tickets are expensive. There are some penny and second chance tickets that provide amazing 30% to 50% chance of winning. You can also use your lucky number to play free daily pick 6 scratch off.

-Never buy scratch offs from a particular convenience store. Convenience store outlets are not necessarily the best place to buy scratch offs. There are some outlets that sell extremely cheap tickets. Apparently, these outlets sell scratch offs that have a very low chance of winning. Consequently, suppose you buy 2 $1 scratch offs; if you fail to win anything, you’ve wasted your money on these cheap tickets.

You also have to make sure that the odds of winning are higher for the scratch off than for the other lottery game. You can increase the odds of winning by finding the best scratch off tickets. According to the experts, the secret of improving the odds of winning is by selecting only 3 prices. Thus, you will be able to improve your odds of winning considerably.

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