Choosing a Lotto Number Strategy

Choosing a Lotto Number Strategy How do you choose a lotto number strategy? Sometimes, we just play a random selection or we randomly choose an odd-even mix. But, is that really the best way to play? You could say, “how hard can it be?” You could also say, “SELECTING numbers is getting harder every year.”

Every day, more and more people are getting picks and winning lottery numbers. Every week, the ratio of people getting tickets versus tickets sales increases. For example, on week five of the Florida Lotto, there were less than 100,000 tickets sold, compared to millions sold the week before.

Why do people opt for randomness? Even with computers today, trying to select random numbers is getting harder. The Higher- CASE study of numbers shows that while most people select birthdays, anniversaries, lucky numbers, and quick-pick choices, there are numbers that are more statistically likely to be selected.

The Lotto Information Network, in their study, found that numbers that had been drawn most frequently in the past were mostly LESS likely to be drawn again. These numbers were mostly between 1 and 31 since those numbers were considered to be the most favourable.

So, if you live in the States, be cautious of how often you choose random numbers or those that are surprising if you consider their history. Most likely, you’re selecting at least one element of your number selection strategy, namely the low end of the range.

Choosing a Lotto Number Strategy

At the other end of the range, there are numbers that are powerful and have been drawn most frequently. These numbers get selected at least 70% of the time. It’s as if they just do not accept losing numbers. A lottery computer program will tell you how to pick your numbers, but if you are to make serious money, you need to leave the guessing to the lottery computers.

To increase your chances of winning, you need to follow a lottery strategy that is offered by one of the serious lotto players. The lottery computer software programs are available on the majority of lottery websites. These software programs are easy to use and some even provide you with a List of available winning numbers.

In choosing your next set of numbers, you can use one of the strategies listed below. Of course, whether or not to play a particular lottery game entirely depends upon your affordable budget. The fewer lines you take, the higher your odds.

Choosing a Lotto Number Strategy

  • Use the “Quick Pick” option. With this option, the computer will randomly generate your numbers. This will also give you the advantage of not having to think of your own numbers or having to pay attention to patterns in order to achieve the highest probability of winning.

The RNG can not be tracked, unlike manually produced cards, which means that you are unable to look back and see where the numbers are gaining or losing their momentum.

  • Follow a lottery system that is linked to a Pick 3 frequency chart. One of the advantages of playing this form of lottery is that the computer will not produce a number the exact same each time. This means that the odds of winning are greatly increased because there are other numbers that are included on the play slip.
Choosing a Lotto Number Strategy

In fact, the odds relate to the numbers in a 1 through 31 game, and the extra numbers to the Texas Two Step game. According to the chart, the numbers are Stronger if there are 4 or fewer digits on the card. This means that you have a 59.96% chance of winning if there are 4 digits on the card, and 82.4% if there are 3 digits.

The numbers are stronger for having a mid-point number. The study showed that players who had the cards for these two games picked later in the 6-digit game. Of the 1,000 players, 600 had the cards for the six-digit game, and 700 had the cards for the five-digit game. When the analysis was finished, the results showed that those who had the two strongest numbers on their card had only 9% of winning.

The three numbers that were found to be the weakest and the most costly in the Texas lottery were 22, 33 and 39. All three numbers did not fare well in the analysis. Only 30% of the money collected from those who chose these numbers won. Another surprising stat is that those who chose the same numbers in the two-digit game, had 58% of their money win.

So as you can see, playing the same numbers in the two-numbered and three-numbered games, offers very little advantage or disadvantage in winning. However, it is more of a common sense simple tip, to stay away from those expensive six or five digit numbers, to increase your odds of winning the lottery. Choosing a Lotto Number Strategy

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