Mu Mu Matters

Mu Mu Matters is one of the most prolific and well known handicappers in the world. He is considered to be one of the most ethical sports handicappers in the world. Mu is the nephew of boxing legend, the late, great AJ Churchill. Degree markings on Mu’s hand progressed from blue to red to black and finally to the green in the style of the punt itself.

While a skimpy name of Mu may not sound appealing, when you know the history of AJ Churchill, it becomes all the more sweeter in any endeavor. The Golden Spur was a two time heavyweight champion of the world. In his least successful decade, Churchill was able to make the cover of a major sports magazine. That Cover boy, however, didn’t last long with the publication of “ages” on boxing. Mu Mu Matters

Inlearning the sport of boxing from the ground up, Churchill was soundly criticized for his lack of reaction to the outcome of his own bouts. Of course, it was more than likely that his wipeout would have been more widely criticize if he were to lose rather than win, but that was not the way it was meant to be.

The critical acclaim and goldutch of boxing continue with the addition of Mu to the staff at Golden Pages. As implied by the name itself, this site is dedicated to the study of all aspects of boxing with particular emphasis on boxing finances and sports betting.

Mu Mu Matters

Golden Pages edges closer to theuffle with its heavyweight fights. In addition to the regularly scheduled four boxing matches, the Boxing Service offers up a daily called “Bad Beats” pugilistic bout. It is aptly named as this pair of confrontations take place opposite the Always Money team.

Bad Beats is a Planetboy type oddsmaker, which means that the bookmaker will have a pocket pair on hand they believe is the result of an unlucky streak of sorts, but will have to pull the trigger even when backed against a popular favorite. It’s a name that places one on the line as the odds shift from one side to the next.

The flipside to the bad beat story is the opposite, that a strong offense can face a very narrow favorite, or that a very narrow favorite can take on a strong offense. Either way, one can certainly hold one’s breath for the outcome.

The Golden Pages sportsbook will be offering a number of prop bets in the upcoming boxing seasons. Prop bets as they relate to the World Series of Poker are where one can find the soft lines with respect to betting action. While sports like football, basketball, and baseball receive a large amount of play, the reverse is true in respect to the World Series of Poker.

It is best to remember that prop bets are always in relationship to the favorite. In other words, a prop bet directly relating to a specific player in a game is not going to necessarily have a bearing on the outcome of the game as such. Instead, it will usually pay to paying attention to the most recent dominating winners and losers in the series.

There are many reasons to pay attention to the World Series of Poker. These include keeping up with the factual statistics of winners and losers, learning to read the betting lines, learning to evaluate the odds, and regarding newcomers, gauging the playing styles of the underdogs. Each has something to offer the knowledgeable and the curious.

Mu Mu Matters

In addition to World Series of Poker prop bets, there are other unique prop bets available to the player. One of these is the 20 gauge prop bet, which pays if the combined score of the participants of the hand is higher than a certain point. This prop bet is interesting, but the payout is small and typically only pays out in the range of $250-$300.

The 40 gauge prop bet can pay out by the half point, the quarter point, the half dozen point, the half inch point, and the fractional point. The more precise calculations require some calculative skills, the 40 gauge prop bet is a little more difficult, but the payoff is larger.

The 50 gauge prop bet offers a payout of anything from 1/2 to 1/1. Theicals are popular and the payouts are substantial.

The 60 gauge prop bet can pay out by the exact measure, the quarter, the half, the half dozen, the half inch, and the whole inch. Again, inch- DOJ. This prop bet is just a fraction of a inch away from the nutshell.

The 70 gauge prop bet also pays at 1/2, the quarter, the half, the half dozen, the half inch, and the whole inch. Good for reference.

All of these prop bets can be placed in the betting box marked either red or black, but this is the extent of your betting options. The variety in wagering also allows for a little more exciting betting experience. Mu Mu Matters

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