Online Roulette Strategy All casino games are designed to give advantages to the casino operators. It is understandable that most gamblers will lose while just a small group of people will win, making profits for casino.

However, there are differences between casino games and sports and most players of all casino games are not aware of these differences. Almost all casino games are based on probability and mathematical chances, including Blackjack, Roulette, Slot Machines, Craps, Baccarat, Video Poker, Caribbean Stud Poker, War, Keno.

Online Roulette Strategy

Despite all the numbers in roulette, the house still holds the advantage. If the player puts on the best odds, the house can be stopped. Many people believe that roulette is also based on luck, but statistics prove that the result of the game is based on the probability of the number.Online Roulette Strategy

For example, the probability of red or black on the roulette wheel varies from 0 to 1, although the casino still has an edge of 5. 279 people lost money in the last year while justifiable only 1 person won money. Since statistics is based on probability, the intelligent roulette player can eliminate the house edge.

To do this the player has to bet on a selected number pattern (retailer or casino recommended pattern) on the table layout. When the spin is completed the croupier will tip his/her hat and inform the player that the ball has landed on the selected square. Since the majority of numbers do not occur, the savvy player uses the don’t pass bet.

The smart player will then wait for a long time until a consecutive row of the same color or consecutive groups of numbers appear. If yet another instance of the same color or consecutive groups of numbers occurs, the player now has the option to bet the don’t pass or go with the first instance.

Online Roulette Strategy

If the first instance indeed loses, the player may double the bets, hoping to get a luckier outcome. If the second instance loses, the player may bet the first instance in the hope of an even money win.

The third instance is where the smart player will bet on every run, whether the winning run has already been made or not. As there is no sense in going for a consecutive layout of the same color or consecutive groups of numbers, the smart player bets on a space of the red spaces that opens before every run.

As there is an even money win when the ball lands on the spaces, the smart player will place the don’t pass bet in the hope of the same color or consecutive number running again.

When the space that opens before the run is a solid red, it is the smart play to place the don’t pass bet. If the space is not a solid red, the smart play is to place the don’t pass bet in the first column and two numbers, namely 11 and 1, 12 and 2, or 13 and 3.

This is because the chances of the ball landing on either the 11 or the 12 is only 2 out of 40 or 37% (of 40 possible runs) so the chances of the ball landing on either the 13 or the 3 is 222% orittance over the same probability. The chances of the ball landing on any column are therefore 220% or 2.7%.

When the winning column or column opens and the ball lands in the winning column or column, the smart play is to place the don’t pass bet in the don’t come box. The 12 will only lose the don’t come bet if the ball does not land on the column.

Online Roulette Strategy

Don’t come bets are much better than place bets. Smart players do not place bets on numbers that are inside the numbers themselves. Instead, they tend to place bets on the boxes that separate the numbers from each other.

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18 Ways to Play Roulette Online Roulette Strategy

18 ways to play roulette and how to win at roulette

1.With a 36 number wheel the lowest bet is a single number and the highest bet is a combination of 12 numbers (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12). These are called outside bets and you can bet just about anything outside the grid.

2.Around the numbers you will see slots named “lo” and “hi”. These slots separate the numbers from each other and there is a high possibility that one number will be drawn more than another.

3.Take these outside bets and mix them with inside bets. You can bet on numbers, single lines, splits, corners, highs and lows, even and odd, all rows and columns.

4.You can bet on numbers or groups of numbers.

5.Outside bets work on numbers only.

6.In roulette you can bet on dozens and columns.

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