Roulette Tips – 6 Ways Don’t be like the rest of the losing crowd and believe Roulette is simply all about luck. Experience the thrill of real skill-based gaming as you never have before with loads of money dolled out to the winner. Sometimes, things just work to your advantage and you come out on top, much to your surprise.

Roulette Tips - 6 Ways

Seems to be a common theme with people who play at casinos, isn’t it? You see, the players who get on the winning machine most often tend to be those who keep their tickets into the subscription period, look for frequented machines and are constantly in pursuit of higher stakes.

In trying to beat the game, use a little smarts, such as setting aside a portion of your bankroll for a month’s playing machine bankroll, once you have reached the set limit, quit and walk away.

You will have tons of money left over, which you might use to play another game. Think of it as the compounding effect.

Another good strategy to follow is to always play machines that have less number of reels. The fewer the reels, the more likely you will win.

Don’t play at any game that you can’t afford to lose. The biggest mistake people make is they loan money from friends or family to gamble, and they don’t know when to walk away. So, most often, they keep playing and soon enough the money they are borrowing is gone.

There are some casinos that offer comps, such as free meals or complimentary drinks. However, if you can’t commit to a specific game, turn around and go to another casino. You could play two machines instead of three, or five instead of three if you have to.

There are times when you can win and there are times you can’t win. At these times, if you have no gas money left, walk away instead of hanging around with credit in the machine.

Roulette Tips - 6 Ways

Before you go to a casino, study the floor plan, count the number of decks used and payouts by denomination. Once you have everything ready, go over strategies with dealers and empty the pockets of money prior to departure.Roulette Tips – 6 Ways

Put all of them in order, fold appropriately and be there for the entrance fee.

Don’t touch anything that lays hands on the roulette table, from the spinning wheel to the payout tray.

Once all roulette wheels are in order, push the start button to start the wheel spinning. Wait for five seconds after the wheel stops spinning and then pull out the handle to get the 50 pence payout.Unfortunately, some roulette machines take five seconds to spin. If you have to, leave the machine immediately as the odds are that the next spin will be against you.

If you have won some money, call for a drink from the bar and as soon as the drink has been placed on the table, push the big red stop button as this pointers to the fact that you are ready to lose for the day.

Don’t be in a hurry to continue gambling, as this might influence your thinking and you are Dow Jones. Positive thinking simply can’t work if you are trying to come out on top.

Within minutes, you could lose all that money again and never be able to come out on top.

If this happens, walk away immediately, take the money out of the machine, and decide not to gamble again. The truth is that you are not going to win at this game.

Roulette Tips - 6 Ways

Within reason, if you are going to gamble, you should arrive safe and sound at the casino. Don’t borrow money that you need for other things such as food or clothing.

Stay in Control

There will be times that you will have good luck, bad luck, and somewhere in between. It’s normal. Within reason, you can be a winner within minutes and be a loser possibly within hours.

The key to safe gambling is to adhere to clear and concise gambling goals. When you have a clear goal, you will move closer to that goal.

You want to approach your gambling from a position of advantage, have a positive attitude, and want to leave the gaming experience better than you found it.

This is not to say that you can’t be depressed when you are losing money. You need to recognise that the gaming session is designed to help you to lose money. If you let yourself lose money, you may well end up losing more. However, if you approach losing at the right level, you will be much more likely to stay at that level, moving up and up until you win, rather than the other way around.

So, if you are looking forward to gambling, try to arrive early and bet with elements of control.Roulette Tips – 6 Ways

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